The Eighth section of the Chumash of Bereishit / Genesis chronicles Jacob’s
challenges as he returns to the Land of Israel after his stay with his uncle Laban
in Aram.

Jacob sends messengers to Esau to inform him that he was returning to Canaan
and wanted to make peace with him. The messengers returned to Jacob with
the news that Esau was preparing to meet him with a battalion of warriors.

Jacob prayed to G-d….”I am no longer worthy, due to all the acts of kindness
and trustworthiness that You have done for me, Your servant.” (32:11)

Although Jacob was aware of his many merits, he was also able to rise above a
natural human short-sightedness and realise how infinitely indebted we are all
to G-d. With this perspective, Jacob humbly assumed that his merits were
insufficient to deserve G-d’s protection. Therefore, he petitioned G-d to save
him and his family not on account of his own merits – although he was indeed
worthy – but out of His pure kindness.

Following Jacob’s example, whenever we ask something of G-d, we too should
appeal solely to His kindness and compassion. Like Jacob if we humbly
disregard our worthiness, demonstrating that we, like Jacob, have risen above
our natural short-sightedness, G-d will respond with blessings that transcend
the natural order.

TG we have heard good news regarding the return of some of our brave
hostages held in Gaza. We are thankful for their release, but very aware that
so many are still being held in a psychological battle being played with their
lives. We pray that Hashem will bring an end to their nightmare and return
them to their loving families immediately.

Wishing you and your families an uplifting Shabbat followed by a
fulfilling week.