The Eighth section of the Chumash of Leviticus (Vayikra), begins as G-d tells Moses to tell (Emor in Hebrew) the elder priests to educate the younger priests regards the laws of the priesthood. G-d then teaches Moses these laws as well as the laws regarding the cycle of Festivals throughout the Jewish year.

G-d told Moses, “say to the priests….say to them….” (21:1)

The Sages teach us that the verb “to say” is repeated in this verse, in order to indicate that it is the priests’ duty to “caution” their children regarding their priestly duties.

The Hebrew word for “to caution” (L’hazhir) also means “to make shine”, implying that we should not be contented with training of our youth to observe G-d’s commandments minimally and perfunctorily. Rather, we should teach them to perform the commandments in the best way possible, even going beyond the letter of the law. By imparting this enthusiasm to our children, we will enable them – and the commandments that they perform – to sparkle and “shine.”

This lesson is emphasised by the fact that the Torah conveys it in the context of its instruction to the priests. The priests’ task is to help others rise spiritually and become closer to G-d, so too, we should teach our young, observance indeed but also through it we become closer to G-d.

We continue to pray for the success and wellbeing of our IDF heroes, the return of our family of hostages to their families embrace and end to this war in our Land with long term peace with Moshiach.

Wishing you a meaningful and enjoyable Shabbat with a successful week to follow.