This Thursday evening, 28th May, through Friday 29th and Shabbat 30th, begins the Festival of Shavuot.

Shavuot is the culmination of the Festival of Passover, seven weeks ago, through the refinement process of the 49 Sefira days. With this  we are ready to receive our wonderful gift from G-d, The Torah on Mt Sinai once again.

The Synagogue is beautified with flowers to relive the miracle of the Torah being given in the dessert on Mt Sinai, which blossomed in honour of G-d’s gift to the Jewish People. We make a real effort to hear the Ten Commandments in our Synagogues and bring along as many children as possible, as they were chosen to be the Guarantors for all future generations.

Sadly, in this current pandemic our Synagogues are still closed, keeping us at home, as we have been for the past ten weeks. We are confident that G-d has a greater plan for us all, however, as always we will try and do our best in reaffirming our loving relationship with G-d which is referred to as the marriage between G-d and the Jewish People.

Shavuot is referred to in our prayers as “the season of the giving of the Torah”. Our Sages teach however, that Abraham fulfilled the entire Torah before it was given, which he communicated to his descendants. Even in Egypt during their servitude, they studied the Torah. If so what is meant by the “Giving of the Torah?

Before the Torah was given, the Patriarchs were able to perceive its spiritual truth through prophetic vision. Realising the inherent value of a life governed by these truths, they structured their lives accordingly and observed even the minutest details of Torah law.

What they were lacking was the opportunity to observe Mitzvot with physical objects, which took place at Mt Sinai with the fusion of the Physical and Spiritual.

Through our observance, we were given the task of bringing G-dliness into the smallest detail of creation here on this world.

The Festival of Shavuot celebrates this partnership we have with G-d, which we can fulfil when we fulfil our task of “making this world a dwelling place in all aspects for G-d”.

This Shavuot, our homes are exactly that, a dwelling place for G-d. What we would do in our Synagogue we now need to do at home with our Family and make it special. Review the Ten Commandments from your own Chumash (Bible book), fill your home with flowers and eat milky foods, all which will enhance these special days.

Have a wonderful week in preparation for Shavuot, which we hope you will enjoy both the Physical as well as Spiritual elements of these special days.