Ha’azinu – to hearken…


The Tenth section of the Book of Deuteronomy is composed almost entirely of the Poem of Testimony that G-d taught Moses and instructed him to teach to the Jewish people.

G-d called upon both heaven and earth to bear witness to the message He was about to deliver to the Jewish people.

Listen, O heaven….Hear, O earth.” (32:1)

G-d addressed both heaven and earth, in order to teach us that we are called upon to harmonise the two. The Torah originates in heaven and consists of

G-d’s vision of perfection of the world.

By spreading the knowledge of the Torah to ourselves and to others, we are bringing heaven down to earth.

By reshaping both our own lives and the life of others in accordance with Torah’s teachings, we are bringing life on earth up to heaven. When we have made life into “heaven on earth” – reconciling the division between the two – heaven and earth testify how we have fulfilled our mission on life.

Have a lovely Shabbat and fulfilling week.

This coming Sunday evening 13th October, begins the Festival of Sukkot, (Tabernacles).

Our three Chabad centres all have Sukkot open to the public, feel free to join us for our services followed by Kiddush in the Sukkah, or feel free to drop bye and enjoy our Sukkah and do the Mitzvah of shaking the Lulav & Etrog.

Have a joyous and hopefully dry Sukkot.