In a Jewish leap year there are two months of Adar, The main celebration of Purim is in the second month of Adar (Sheini – the second), whilst the 14th of the first Adar is called Purim Katan.

This Friday the 23rd February corresponding to the 14th Adar Rishon (the first) is called Purim Katan.

The Talmud relates to this day as the “katan” indicating, that it is somewhat smaller than the day of Purim itself, celebrated in the second month of Adar. It further states that there is no difference between the two, other than the reading of the Megilla and giving gifts of food (Mishloach Manot).

This would seem to indicate that in all other matters they are equal. Add to this the fact that we call it the “14th of the FIRST Adar”, which would seem to say that it is “first” in importance.

G-d created the world in a manner of giver and receiver, nothing is completely independent, but everything must rely on something else, sometimes, providing us with the opportunity to do good, by being benevolent to others.

By coming first, Purim katan opens the gate and makes it easier with the Divine services of Purim, practiced in the second month of Adar, almost like a training day for Purim in practice itself. By giving encouragement and strengthening the day of Purim already one month earlier, making the themes of Purim richer and stronger.

It’s the time that we can prepare all that we need to do in Mitzvot form on Purim. 

Join us and book in to your Purim party at Chabad, details on our website and of course all the other Mitzvos of Purim.

On Purim, they tried to annihilate us, and so too today sadly, we have experienced a resurgence of anti-Semitism across the UK unprecedented since 7th October. They failed then and will fail now. We pray with the energy of Adar – a double Adar, that our IDF soldiers will achieve their objective of uprooting evil, return home safely and the return of all of our hostages held by Hamas, speedily and miraculously like the miracles of Purim of old.

Have a meaningful Shabbat and successful week to follow.