This week’s Torah portion is Naso, the second Sedra in the Chumash (book) of Numbers.

Beginning with G-d’s instruction to Moses to complete the count of the Levite clan. (Naso, in Hebrew).

After concluding the account of the Prince’s offerings, The Torah describes how G-d spoke to Moses inside the Tabernacle. Moses heard G-d’s voice as loud as it was heard at Mt Sinai, but it miraculously stopped at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting; thus, no one outside could hear it.

When Moses would come into the Tent of Meeting so G-d could speak with him, he would hear His voice. (7:8)

Much as we might wish it, we cannot be allowed to always hear G-d’s voice everywhere. If we could, we would be deprived of our freedom of choice. A world in which G-d’s voice is constantly heard does not challenge its population. It was G-d’s desire to create a world of Divine silence, in which through our efforts, we can uncover G-d’s concealed voice. It is our task to take what we heard during that short time at Mt Sinai, however fleetingly, as we all heard it, and transmit it to the rest of time and space.

THIS COMING TUESDAY NIGHT WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, we celebrate the Festival of Shavuot. Please come and join us at Chabad to hear the TEN COMMANDMENTS on Wednesday. By doing so we reignite our allegiance and commitment to Hashem and the Torah. This will be followed by a full cheesecake kiddush and light meal, with ice cream for our children.

With our prayerful wishes for the safe return of our hostages, the safety and security of our IDF heroes and the whole people of Israel within Israel and the diaspora.