This week’s portion, firstly, deals with the varying levels of impurity encountered through childbirth, and the process of purification which will allow once again entry into the Temple and reconnecting with holiness.

The Second type of impurity discussed is now extinct disease known as 

Tzara ‘at, that appeared on a Jewish man or woman’s skin, garments, or home.

If the Tzara ‘at has covered all of his flesh, he is not defiles. (13:13)

One of the signs  given by the Sages that the Messiah’s arrival is imminent is that “the government has become heretical.” This notion is alluded to in the law of Tzara ‘at when it covers the entire body, the person is not defiled.

There are two ways that the world’s government can be considered to have become “heretical”.” The negative way is for heresy to infect indeed all of the world’s governments. The positive way is through the truth of the Torah to become so self-evident that it will be universally acknowledged that any government that does not submit to the Torah’s rules is “heretical.”

It is our hope and prayer that our redemption occurs the second way. It is therefore imperative that the Jewish people encourage the nations of the world to fulfil the commandments that the Torah obligates them to observe.

The world needs to acknowledge that the sole possible basis for true ethical behaviour and moral justice, is that the non-Jewish world will come to recognise and appreciate the Jewish people as the vanguard of universal justice, morality and peace. This will pave the way the ultimate, Messianic Redemption.

With heartfelt prayers for the success of the IDF over our enemies, the safety of our soldiers and the return of our hostages from the evil clutches of Hamas to their families embrace.

Wishing you a good week followed by a meaningful Shabbos.