Joseph’s master saw that G-d was with him, and that G-d granted success to his hand, in everything that he did, (39:3)

Joseph’s dedication and loyalty to his masters was rewarded with betrayal. One would have thought that Joseph confronted by a world full of falsehood and bereft of justice and fairness, he would have been inclined to escape from the world. Yet he did no such thing, instead he remained focused on doing his work faithfully, thereby showing the world that belief in G-d makes a person genial and resilient, idealistic and reliable.

Joseph throughout the time he spent in Egypt, he constantly reviewed the subjects that his Father had taught him, which enabled him to overcome every hardship he faced.

Like Joseph, we too can maintain a consistent schedule of Torah study despite our other commitments. As it did for Joseph, this commitment will provide us with the strength and idealism to remain focused on our Divine mission of bringing light into the world despite our disappointments, and seeming injustices, that life sometimes presents for us. Moreover, the Torah’s inherent ability to “restore the soul” will make us a positive influence on reality, inspiring others to tap into the source of our energy and optimism.

Wishing you a good Shabbat and an enjoyable Chanukah.

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