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The Shuls of Chabad

About our Synagogue (Shul)

The Chabad Synagogues, currently two, one at Chabad Gants Hill led by Rabbi Aryeh M Sufrin MBE and one at Chabad Buckhurst Hill led by Rabbi Odom Brandman, is one of the many facets of activities running through our Chabad Centres.

The Gants Hill Centre moved into its new premises at 397 Eastern Avenue Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6LR in September 2017. The new facilities are be bright, airy and spacious to sit comfortably close to 200 people.

A warm welcome greets all who step through the doors of our Centres, as a one off, perhaps for a simcha, or on a regular basis. All of our personnel dealing with any aspect of children’s and youth services have DBS checked and trained in child protection.

There is no need to worry or feel uncomfortable if you or your fellow guests feel that their Hebrew reading and Jewish knowledge is not yet at the level that you would wish it to be. Chabad’s philosophy is to greet all with open arms, and assist those in need with their Shabbat services experience.

The prayers and reading from the Torah are made easier to follow, as there are numerous explanations shared throughout the services, using Prayer and Torah books that are bi lingual and page numbers being called out throughout.

Under the direction of Mrs Devorah Sufrin, the younger children’s programmes are today led by our two resident “shluchot”, Tzzivia & Rochel, who prepare excellent programmes with friendly user content. Having two Shluchot we are able to divide the children in to two groups based on their age and interests.

At some point in the future you may wish to access weekly learning opportunities for men and women to understand better the services as well as your own general knowledge. We at Chabad do believe that it is never too late to learn!

Mid way through the Shabbat Services a “time speak”, generally a precis of the weekly portion, with some “personal thoughts” is presented by a member of the community. This gives all an opportunity to have a basic understanding of the Sedrah – portion that is being read before we begin.

The weekly sermon is delivered by Rabbi Sufrin. It is always relevant as he shares a deeper message making it relevant to our everyday lives, with human and passion throughout enjoyed by all.

Each week the service concludes with a hot cholent (vegetarian) Kiddush, together with sweet and savoury delicacies with a Lechaim for those that wish as well as non alcoholic drinks and refreshments.  Not withstanding that Chabad is renowned for its selection of malt whiskeys and vodka, responsible drinking is taken seriously and practiced by all at our Chabad House.

It is undoubtedly the best time to socialise and catch up with each other, members and friends of the Chabad family and thereby develop and strengthen friendships.

Specially catered events such as Shabbat lunches, Friday night dinners take place throughout the year. They comprise all of the traditional foods together with singing and listening to words of wisdom and encouragement. We also arrange hospitality and meals for guests visiting the area for Shabbat, as well as Synagogue participants on a regular basis.

If you or someone you know would like to enjoy a Chabad experience please consider this as an open invitation. For obvious reasons we do have security at our Synagogue, so it’s always advisable  to ring before Shabbat and let us know that you are wishing to join us.

To be included in our regular mailings please e mail: pa@chabadilford.co.uk.

Facilities are available for you to join our Synagogue with or without a burial scheme. More details can be found in our membership pack which can be downloaded from this site.