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Our Centre

In January 2001, the Gants Hill Chabad Centre moved to its location on Eastern Avenue, housing all of its services in the then suitable premises.

In 2013 the Centre moved again as a temporary measure to its current location on Gaysham Ave, Gants Hill, whilst the Eastern Ave site was demolished, to be replaced with a brand new 4000 sq foot modern facility.

Due to be completed in the summer of 2017, it will comprise of a modern Centre to suit the current needs of our changing community in every possible way.
It will house:

  • A unique Chabad Synagogue
  • A multi-purpose lecture and recreation hall.
  • The ADS & Hennie, lending library.
  • Facilities for Adult and teenage education
  • Confidential counselling rooms
  • Play, relaxation and study areas.
  • Fully equipped kitchen for catering purposes.
  • Book & Judaica gift shop.
  • Modern office facilities
  • Cheder classrooms.

All in a bright temperature controlled beautiful and inviting environment.

Charges are made for some of the educational and social services and activities offered to support the financial infrastructure of the Centre. However based on the principles of Chabad, nobody is ever turned away due to their inability to pay.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to support Chabad’s ability to ensure that all who wish to participate may do so without hindrance of financial ability.