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Who are We?


Who are we? What is Chabad?

Chabad Lubavitch is dedicated to servicing Jewish Communities by strengthening Jewish life and its wonderful experiences worldwide. Today any place that the Jewish People can travel to, you will find a Chabad office and a family of Shluchim (emissaries of Chabad) waiting to greet you and offer you their warm smile and hospitality.

We have currently three dedicated family’s pf Chabad Shluchim, emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson zt”l.

Rabbi Aryeh MBE & Devorah Sufrin, executive Directors and head shluchim across Essex, was joined by Rabbi Moshe & Brocho Muller in 1970, as assistant and youth directors. Sadly Rabbi Muller passed away on the 1st Iyar last year, his wife Brocho and family are still active participants in driving the Ilford community. Rabbi Odom & Henny Brandman joined the team in 2006 as directors of our sister Chabad House branch in Buckhurst Hill, I addition to organising and leading our very successful Summer & Winter camps for children.

Epitomised by the exemplary work of Chabad Lubavitch. We are part of the 2500 Chabad centres around the globe and growing each month on an ongoing basis. Chabad Promotes and fosters Jewish family life. Its values and traditions across the wider North East London & Essex communities, home to some estimated numbers of 10,000 Jewish residents.

Our Gants Hill, the first of our Centre’s and currently the Head office, plays an integral role in radiating this warmth, light and friendship at the very heart of Judaism throughout these communiti8
These including:

  • Innovative and relevant educational programmes for all age groups, promoting self-development and empowering people to make leadership decisions.
  • Compassionate, non-judgmental and professional counselling.
  • Understanding, empathy and support with love for all.
  • Help to try and stem the tide of apathy, alienation and assimilation to which we are losing our youngsters – the future of our people.
  • Its Head office base, Chabad Ilford, and its satellites across N E London & Essex, the first being our branch in Buckhurst Hill established in 2006.
  • New offices now set up in both Epping & Southend & Westcliff Communities.
  • Epping holds monthly discussion groups & as of 14th January 2017, Monthly Shabbat Services are to begin led by Rabbi and Mrs Sufrin
  • Drugs & Alcohol gambling and other addictions  counselling and prevention services, provided by trained counsellors, led by Rabbi A M Sufrin MBE (casap)
  • Prison & home visitation,
  • Weekly food distribution for the needy.
  • Community relations throughout the Boroughs of Redbridge and Epping Forest Council & In particular with the mayor’s office & local emergency services.