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Coinciding with Gimmel Tammuz & their Annual Fundraising Dinner, Chabad North East London & Essex are delighted to announce Rabbi and Mrs Posen as their newest Shluchim to Epping, Essex UK.

Rabbi Aryeh MBE & Devorah Sufrin, Head Shluchim to Essex UK, have been sowing the seeds within the wider Epping area for some three years, creating the platform for the establishment of a brand new Chabad House in the Epping area, which will serve; Epping, North Weald & Theydon Bois. The Epping Centre, will be the third active Chabad House to open and join the Family of Chabad Houses and Shluchim to North East London & Essex.


Rabbi Sufrin MBE says: “we are thrilled that after a three year search we have confirmed the appointment of Rabbi Yossi & Rivka Posen and their young family (the latest addition as recent as a week ago!). They have visited our community and spent time with friends & residents, showing a lively enthusiasm and initiative in being the suitable candidates to open a brand new full time Chabad Centre, catering the growing needs of the local residents, that have been identified so far and so many more, waiting for these dedicated Shluchim to connect with them even further.


 As well as building this new area into a thriving community with a lively and relevant Chabad House at its Centre, they will strengthen our Family of Shluchim together with us. They will be joining our team at present, colleagues Rabbi Odom & Henny Brandman in Buckhurst Hill, Mrs Brocha Muller in Gants Hill, Rabbi Mordechai & Blimi Wallenberg in Woodford, making a real impact across Essex UK for some four decades”.


Chabad N E London & Essex cover numerous other areas within Essex, with regular services and activities down to Westcliffe on Sea, which we hope in due course will have dedicated Shluchim of their own.


Rabbi & Mrs Posen, currently reside in Kfar Chabad Israel. Rabbi Posen has been working as menahel ruchni of the American semicha program in Oholei Temimim. They will be taking up their new post IYH in Ellul in time for the forthcoming Tishrei Yomim Toivim.


“We are humbled by the great zechus to go out on the Rebbe’s Shlichus” says Rabbi Yossi Posen, “and we are looking forward to hosting the first ever minyan for Rosh Hashona and Tekias Shofar in the history of Epping”.


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