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Dear Friend,

This week’s Torah portion is Chukat, (Laws) discussion the generation of the wilderness whom received three gifts in the merits of its three great leaders:

In Miriam’s merit a well, in Aaron’s merit the Clouds of Glory and in Moses’ merit the manna. These three leaders are associated with these three gifts because of something great they did.

Moses gave the Torah to the Jewish People. In his merit they received the Manna, (bread from heaven) whose daily gift, alleviated the necessity of earning a livelihood and whose ingestion aided them in their Torah study.

Aaron personified Avoda (service). His devotion to the Sacrificial Services brought G-d’s presence to the travelling nation in the desert. The Clouds of Glory were therefore provided in his merit, for they represented G-d’s presence which dwelt with the Jewish people.

Miriam excelled in kindness. From her youth she devoted herself to her people’s welfare. Even as a small girl, she assisted her mother as a midwife and she brought food to the poor. Because of her attribute of kindness, G-d provided the Jewish People with water, a vital necessity.  

Leaders they were, but perhaps there is a lesson for us all to consider here.

We all find ourselves  in positions of influence, be it as a parent, a teacher, a spouse or a friend. Every thing we do affects another person and beyond. We should use this influence to impact others in a manner of good. Positive activity creates positive energy for all those around us.

Have a wonderful Shabbat and successful week to follow.