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KI – TISA ….when you will count….

We wish Rabbi Odom Brandman “Arichas Yamim” – Long Life on the passing of his dear mother Mrs Susan Brandman in Israel. May he and all of us enjoy PG Simchos, good health and good tidings together.

“The tablets were G-d’s handy work, and the script was G-d’s script, engraved on the Tablets……”(32:16)

The Ten commandments were engraved on the Tablets themselves. When something is written, it can be erased or scraped off. When it is engraved, however, there is no way of separating the writing from the stone. It can be covered up, filled in, or additional parts of the stone can be chipped away so that the writing becomes illegible, but it cannot be erased or removed. The medium has become one with the message,

This teaches us two things; firstly, when we study the Torah, we should be so lost in it that all that exits for us is the Torah itself; the medium, the message, and the recipient of the message all merge to become one.

Secondly the Torah is part of us; we cannot completely have lost touch with it. The sands of time, may cover the engraving, or the temptations of the world may take it hard to decipher; yet our connection remains, and cannot possibly be revoked.

This is the message the G-d imparted by carving the commandments in stone, “the Torah, you, and I are all one and this unity can never be severed”.

This week we take out a second scroll and read the third of four special portions called “Parah”, discusses the purification process of somebody that was defiled through a corpse.

Have a wonderful week followed by a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat