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VAYEITZEI – and he (Jacob) left (Charan)…


The seventh section of the Chumash Genesis, begins the chronicles of the third patriarch, Jacob. It opens as he leaves Canaan to find a wife from among his kinsmen in Aram.

“Light of foot, Jacob set out for the land of the people who lived in the East.” (29:1)

Even though Jacob was on his way to enter a spiritually dangerous environment, his joy in fulfilling his Divine mission and trust in G-d’s protection permeated his entire being, down to his feet.

Following Jacobs example, we can adopt the same joyful and confident attitude when we set out to tackle life’s numerous daily, mundane activities, even though they may not seem as spiritual.

The key is to make sure beforehand that, like Jacob, we are properly nourished (by studying Torah), properly clothed (by observing G-d’s commandments), and properly focused on our goal (of making the world into G-d’s home).

Have a wonderful Shabbat, enjoy the early Friday evening atmosphere followed by a successful week.