Dear Friends,

This week we begin reading the fourth book of the Torah, “Bamidbar – Numbers”, describing the journey of the Jewish people from the foot of Mt Sinai to the threshold of the Land of Israel.

“Take a census of all the congregation of the Israelites by families.” (1:12)

Our individual and national goals are certainly important, but the Torah also demands of us the selflessness necessary to forge the family unit. A husband and a wife are two separate people, with their own natures, desires, and even missions in life; yet each must work for and work with each other, completing and complementing each other and merging into one harmonious, loving unit.

The Festival of Shavuot – Pentecost, follows immediately as Shabbat concludes on Saturday night through to Monday nightfall 21st May.

Likewise, Shavuot is considered to be the  marriage of G-d with the Jewish people. The Torah is the Ketubah – marriage document, which keeps this loving bond united. By adhering to the Torah’s content given to us on Mount Sinai some 3330 years ago, we show our commitment to this relationship through the observances asked of us by G-d in our daily lives. We recreate this beautiful moment by decorating our Synagogues with flowers, eating milky foods and hearing once again the 10 commandments in the Synagogue on Sunday 20th May.

Have a lovely Shabbat, followed by an enjoyable Shavuot and successful week to follow